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Our Mission
The Maryland Brittany Club (MBC) is a non-profit regional member club of The American Brittany Club (ABC). Our mission is to promote cooperation and friendship among American Brittany breeders and owners and to encourage the highest standards in breeding, training and showing of American Brittanys in both Field and Show. We sponsor and conduct two AKC sanctioned field trials each year, one in the spring and another in the fall. We invite all breeds to participate in our field trials.

President: Luann Fullwood
Vice President: Art Cohen
Secretary: Beth Wintermute
Treasurer: Roger Fullwood


Join Our Regional Brittany Club

All Brittany owners and breeders are welcome to join our club. All new members are first required to join the American Brittany Club (ABC). Below are links to the ABC application forms. If you elect to be a member of our regional club on this form, the ABC will notify our Secretary and you will be contacted.

(Click following link to download an application form)
American Brittany Club Application

Questions? Contact: Luann Fullwood